EyelinerThey say the eyes have it, and with permanent cosmetics your eyes can be enhanced in so many different ways. Save time applying eye make-up, a pro artist can imitate various styles of eye make-up, plus apply it with greater accuracy . Add extra definition to your eyes with a natural look. Lash enhancements are perfect for adding extra definition to your eyes.

Improve the shape, contour or overall balance of your eyes –advanced artists can use techniques similar to those of pro make-up artists to improve the overall appearance of your eyes.

Lash Enhancement

A fantastic treatment if you simply want to add extra definition to your eyes, without an eyeliner look. this is the perfect way to have professionally applied eye liner 24 hours a day. Lash line enhancement subtly adds definition and colour to your lash line to create the appearance of thicker lashes. You might be surprised, but this is one of   the most popularly requested eye treatments in permanent cosmetics.

Baby Liner

Baby liner is a medium line along the lash line with a baby wedge to enhance and widen your eye and give a more awake appearance. Cosmetic tattooing provides the added bonus that you will have perfectly symmetrical eye liner that neither smudges nor runs no matter what you are doing throughout your day.

Step by step for eyes

Permanent make-up allows you to have professionally applied make-up 24 hours a day! Lash line enhancement and eye liner have the capacity to make your eyes appear wider, add colour and make lashes appear fuller.

Lash line enhancement is the process of implanting pigment along the lash line to make a very subtle line of colour that makes the lashes appear thicker.

Eye liner follows the same process as the  lash line enhancement, but a medium or thick line is added to open up your eye and give a more ‘made up’ look.